Resistance band reviews and ratings.

resistance bands

Hello and welcome to my article on resistance band reviews and ratings. There are a variety of different equipment on the market for exercising, for example, free weights, machines, kettlebells, swiss balls, medicine balls TRX, cables, racks (squat racks), cardio equipment, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. Most of these are only accessible in the gym. During these uncertain times, gyms are closed and access to these pieces of equipment is unavailable.

A solution to this would be to purchase resistance bands. Resistance bands are easy-to-use exercise equipment that comes in various lengths and tensions from extra heavy to extra light.

Resistance bands are designed in loops or some straight, flat, or tubular with handles attached. They are excellent and can be used to create different exercises.

As the band lengthens there is an increase in resistance, something that does not occur with other weighted equipment, where the weight remains the same throughout the range of movement.

There are so many ways to use the resistance bands which work different parts of the body. You can get an effective glute workout, hamstrings, rows for the back muscles, hip flexors, chest, triceps the list goes on, use your imagination you could probably give me a few ideas in the comments below.

Let me give you an example of an exercise just to get your creative juices flowing.

resistance band reviews and ratings

Resistance band floor press is a great exercise to isolate your chest and triceps while having minimal stress on the deltoids. The limited range of motion in the pressing movement can help reinforce proper back tension and scapular retraction for the push-up and bench press. Have a look on YouTube to find ideas on exercises there is a huge amount of videos to help you devise a full-body exercise routine. In another article, I will cover my routine but here I just want to focus on resistance band reviews and ratings. OK so now without further ado let’s get into it!

FitBeast resistance band.


Product information

  • 150Lbs total resistance
  • Comes with a waterproof carry case
  • Door anchor, foot ankle straps
  • Natural rubber latex
  • Comes with a tutorial and user guide
  • Comes with 5 resistance bands with different resistance: 50Lbs Red, 40Lbs Black, 30Lbs Green, 20Lbs Blue, 10Lbs Yellow.

This is a great product and comes with adequate resistance a total of 150ibs that’s 68kg! I had these bands last year and was kinda upset as the green band snapped while I was using it. So based on this I would give this a 3 out of 5. It’s great and can withstand a lot of stretching but has the potential to snap if the stretched beyond their capacity. This can happen if using the 30Lbs green band on its own during a rowing, or chest exercise. To avoid this consider using two or three bands in addition to increasing capacity.

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Terra Hiker resistance bands

Product information

  • 150 Lbs total resistance
  • Comes with a compact carry case
  • Door ankle, foot straps
  • Foam handles
  • 5 resistance bands with different resistance
  • Comes with a user guide
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

I am using this product at the moment and have no complaints so far. The foam handles are great they are comfortable anti-slip and absorb sweat. Unlike FitBeast which I found not as comfortable. Not saying the previous band was uncomfortable just not as comfortable as this product.

The bands have served me well so far have had the product for over a year and the bands have withstood my tough workout routines without losing elasticity or breaking. Terra hiker is more expensive than its competitors but well worth the long-term investment. Cheaper models may cost less at first but not provide you with long-term use due to snapping under tension after repeated use. I would give Terra hiker resistance bands 5 out of 5 and this is my resistance band of choice if you do not mind spending the little extra.

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Syosin resistance bands

Product information

  • 160Lbs total resistance
  • 6 resistance bands: 10Lbs, 20Lbs, 25Lbs, 30Lbs, 35Lbs, and 40Lbs (stack to get a total of 160Lbs!)
  • Comes with 4 handles
  • Comes with an additional 8 shape resistance band.
  • Carry case
  • Ankle strap and door handle
  • Training guide

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This is the most affordable out of the three resistance bands and I would say it gives the biggest bang for your buck! Syosin resistance bands only cost £22.97! Not only this but it comes with additional pieces that can prove very useful. Such as the 8 shape resistance band. This is a great addition and can be used to stretch the muscle before going on to the main workout. Perhaps in between a chest workout, you can stretch your triceps using the 8 shape band. This is just a suggestion I am sure you have many more ideas.

The bands are made of durable latex and are strong for long-term use. I have a friend who has these bands, I sometimes work out with him using these. I found them to be good and comfortable to use. I was impressed with the amount of resistance the bands provide when combined, a total of 160Lbs. That’s more than my Tera hiker bands that provide a total of 150Lbs and come with a more expensive price tag. My band’s set me back almost £40 whereas Syosin cost under £20.

I did find that the handles on this product were not as comfortable and the handles provided with the Terra hiker resistance bands. This is the only downside and also my friend has not had these bands for long so not sure how long they will last. I would rate these bands a 4 out of 5. I recommend this product its value for money. A gym for home use and for the great outdoors for under £25.


That brings me to the end of resistance band reviews and ratings I hope you enjoyed it and can make a decision on the band that’s right for you! There are so many on the market nowadays, just a simple search on Amazon will show you the vast makes and models available. The aim of this article is hoping to make the process of making a decision on your purchase easier. I have tried and tested the products above and can give you my opinion on each one. If you decide to purchase one of the three bands mentioned above please do give me your personal feedback in the comments below.