Top 3 massage gun reviews

massage gun

In this article, I will give you my top 3 massage gun reviews. In my previous article, I looked into the importance of recovery and how it can lead to more productivity and greater gains in muscle size and strength. There is another method you can implement to your recovery and that is to use massage guns.

Massage guns are great! they are very convenient especially if you are short on time. You can use these devices anywhere and can take them with you on the go. Use at your desk while at work, while watching a movie, perhaps take it to the gym with you, or even while out on a long walk. I am sure you get the picture. It is definitely worth investing in these marvelous inventions.

Massage guns offer deep muscle treatment in an ultra-quiet smart percussive way. They work to help melt away tension and release muscle soreness empowering you to take care of your body daily.

  • Most guns are ergonomic
  • Can be used wireless after charged from mains, and have a long battery life
  • Some come with an LED display and force meter
  • Come with a customizable speed range
  • Come with different heads that can be attached.

Massage gun attachment heads

Big round head: This attachment is for large muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings, and quads

Small round head: Perfect for overall use for both big and small muscle groups. This is the head that’s perfect for general use

Flathead: This head is great for shoulder blades and IT bands, it is also great for full body massage and relaxation. Made for smaller areas and it is perfect for use on more dense muscle groups.

Bullethead: For pinpoint muscle treatment like hands and feet. Should not be used for more than 15 seconds per muscle area.

Spinal head: Used for trigger points and the lower back, can be used on either side of the spine, never use directly on the bone.

Pneumatic head: Great for tender areas and all-over-body use. Suitable for sensitive areas and soft tissue relaxation.

When using these devices you can choose one of the heads then place it on the desired muscle and simply let the pulses do the work. Move the massage gun slowly around the muscle area in a circular motion and change the speed setting to suit your needs.

Please do not use the massage gun directly on the joints and bones.

Now you have an understanding of how to make use of these guns, you’re ready to go! Check out my 3 massage gun reviews and decide on the one which is best for you.

Anself Massage gun

Product information

  • 4 replacement heads
  • 6 levels of speed selection (2100-3600 rpm)
  • Energy-saving lithium battery lasts 3-4 hours
  • Comes with 4 heads
  • 1304 grams
  • low noise

This is a great piece of equipment for the price and has a good range of speed selection. It also lasts fairly long per charge (3-4 hours). It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy handling. The gun is almost silent so will not distract others while using. I found this to be the greatest value for money for those on a budget however the good thing is that it has many functions of the higher-end models.

Is a basic massage gun with all the functions you would expect from a massage gun such as speed settings, and long battery life however it does not have the additional bells and whistles of the higher-end models. Higher-end models usually include LED digital number displays and more speed settings, perhaps even more battery life. But for the price it’s good and I would give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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Hopso massage gun

Product information

  • 30-speed handheld massager
  • LED indicator touch screen
  • Max 4800 rpm, 30 speeds
  • long battery life on full charge 8 hours!
  • Silicon grip
  • Comes with a carry case
  • weight 2.2Ibs
  • rechargeable cordless
  • 6 replaceable heads

This is my massage gun of choice. I own this very model and have been using it for over a month. It is fantastic and has very long battery life. 8 hours of use on a full charge! It also has 30 individual speed settings, most other massage guns come with only 6 or fewer speed settings.

It comes with 6 replacement heads unlike the other two which come with 4 heads

The gun has a great LED digital number display to show battery life and speed settings. The display is illuminated so you can see it in the dark. It is very strong and long-lasting, I dropped mine several times, and had not caused any damage.

Hopso massage gun comes with its own black carry case which is very convenient on the go. The gun and all its components fit inside well.

The gun looks expensive and has a carbon fiber type design, however, this is misleading as the gun is heavier than its competitors weighing 2.2ibs.

When using the gun select the appropriate speed and do not go to the higher speed setting straight away as this could cause pain and discomfort. It is a powerful device so listen to your body and use caution on higher speed settings. I would suggest sticking to 15 and below in the beginning, as your body adapts you can increase the speed settings

I would give Hopso massage gun a 4.5 out of 5. If it was slightly lighter weight the gun would get top marks. It’s not so heavy that it would interfere with comfortable use but after a long time of usage let’s say over 15 minutes can seem a little heavy.

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Napperband handheld massage gun


  • 1 button control, simple and convenient on/off and speed switch
  • 2 hours run time
  • 6 levels of speed
  • 15 minutes auto-off
  • 4 replaceable heads

This is an OK massage gun for the price. It has all the functions you would expect from a massage gun such as cordless use, long battery life, however it has less battery life in comparison to the other two. Battery life is 2 hours on a full charge, which is not very long if used at high speed this could be less. You may need to carry the charger with you if you intend to use it a lot while out and about.

For general use, it is a good choice and is affordable but for the same price, I would opt for the Anself massage gun as it has longer battery life.

It is a fairly powerful device but the heads can cause discomfort, and some people have commented that the motor inside the unit hits the side walls as you move the gun. This can be dangerous. So based on this and the 2-hour change life I would give this product a 3 out of 5.

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This is the end of my top 3 massage gun reviews. Massage guns provide rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s tissues and its heads oscillate back and forth. Traditionally qualified masseurs have used a series of light strikes from the hands and wrists to the muscle group to give a similar effect. Massage guns allow us to get the same effect in the luxury of our own homes. This can save money in the long run as you have less need for massages or luxury spa services. It is worth the investment in my own opinion and has helped me to recover faster.

I find the greatest benefit after a heavy leg workout. The DOMS I get the following day can be intense. At times, I am unable to walk properly. Foam rollers are great but can prove uncomfortable or too manual of a process, massage guns are a more streamlined, automatic solution. Once I purchased a massage gun the DOMS was greatly reduced and I could go back to my leg workout stronger and fully recovered. In the beginning, it can be sore on those tight areas but after a few minutes the pain is reduced and you can move onto another area.