Top 3 protein shakes for weight gain.

If you are really struggling to gain weight even after you have added extra calories to your diet, it might be worth considering adding protein shakes for weight gain.

Usually these are ready mixed protein powders and are widely available – they come in a range of flavors and types. The most common form is whey protein, which is in milk. Other forms include casein (also from milk), beef, soy, pea, hemp, rice, and oat.

Most proteins derived from animal sources are complete proteins meaning they have all the essential amino acids that your body needs to build muscle.

Protein sources derived from vegan sources are incomplete proteins meaning they do not contain all the essential amino acids. So you will need to eat a variety of different foods in combination to get all the 9 essential amino acids. For example, you can eat rice with lentils or beans to make it a complete protein.

In order to gain weight you need to ingest far more calories than you usually would, this may prove difficult to do from foods alone. This applies to me and many of us hardgainers as some of us have small appetites.

Some of us and even I have turned to unhealthy options like ice cream and cheese. This is not a good idea as these foods can flood your body with sugar and fat and will not do your health any good. Just because we are hardgainers does not mean we can get away with eating junk!

Let’s get back to the focus of this article which is protein shakes for weight gain. These shakes are designed to help you gain weight and build muscle mass. Most of them contains a surplus of carbohydrates and calories, ideal for your ultimate goal to gain quality weight. They are very convenient as they allow you to take in hundreds of calories in a few gulps. Great for those who are on a busy schedule and do not have time to eat frequent meals.

These are some of my recommendations for the best mass gainers on the market, to help you achieve your goals!

1) Optimum Nutrition serious mass

  • 1250 calories per serving.
  • 50 grams of protein – which is more then optimal to help build muscle and maintain strength.
  • 252 grams of carbohydrates per serving.
  • 3 grams of creatine per serving.
  • 25 Vitamins and minerals

My review

The product does exactly what it says, it helps you build serious mass! By using this product I gained 10 pounds of muscle and saw great improvements when combined with my regular workouts. A single serving provides 1250 calories which is quite a lot! Another great thing about this product is that it contains creatine. This means that I do not have to spend extra money on a creatine supplement as it is already in the shake.

What I did not like about this product was the taste. It tasted rather plain, however, a simple solution to this is to mix it with fruit to add some flavor.

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2) USN Muscle fuel Anabolic


  • 55 grams of protein per serving
  • 77 grams of carbohydrates
  • 3.2 grams of fat
  • 5 grams of creatine
  • 564kcals
  • Contains Zinc great as a testosterone booster!
  • Important not to be used by those under 18.

My review

This is my favorite protein supplement by far and it is what I am using at the moment. You do not need to add anything to it as all of the flavors taste great! My personal favorite is the cookie and cream! It mixes very easily and you do not need a blender.

Muscle fuel anabolic contains all the necessary ingredients to fuel your workouts and repair your muscle. Since using this product I have seen an increase in my strength and endurance due to the energy boost from the carb and creatine matrix.

My bench press actually increased once I added this product to my diet! If I had to recommend the best protein supplement it would be this, the all in one Muscle fuel anabolic, containing zinc, magnesium, creatine, high carbohydrates and protein.

The only negative thing about this product is that it is not suitable for those under 18, Also while this supplement is effective for the majority of people, if you are really having a hard time building muscle you may get better results from choosing a product like Optimum nutrition serious mass.

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3)BSN True Mass 1200

  • 53 grams of protein per serving
  • 216 grams of carbohydrates
  • Total fat – 18g per serving
  • Energy – 1271kcal

My review

This product is a great option as it tastes good and easily mixes in a blender. It contains a lot of calories so is perfect for a hard gainer. What I did find problematic with this supplement was that it made me feel bloated and full, meaning that I was unable to eat enough natural food. This may not happen to you but it seemed to affect me in this way.

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These are my top 3 protein shakes for weight gain, these are the ones that I have tested and found to be the best in terms of adding in the important extra calories to my diet. Protein powders are also a great option for pre-workouts (1 hour before exercise). Giving you an energy boost to help you make the most of your workouts. Think of it as a snack to provide your body with the required energy supplies and support for your workout. Energy supplies decline rapidly during an intense session so pre-workout nutrition is needed in order to get the most out of your workout.

Protein shakes are also great post workout. You put a great amount of effort into all your workouts with the aim of improving your performance and adding on slabs of muscle. Consuming the right nutrients after exercise is just as important as what you eat before! Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Decrease in muscle protein breakdown
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Increased muscle growth

Weight gainers are high calorie products that contains a huge amount of carbohydrates and protein. They should not be used as a replacement for eating real food, but more as a means of supplementing a good diet. If you have tried any of the products mentioned in this article please do leave your feedback below, as I would love to hear your opinion!