What is an ectomorph body type?

Perhaps you are someone who has trouble putting on weight, or even an individual who seems to gain body fat even after the smallest cheat meal. Maybe your blessed with the right genetics and can gain muscle with little amounts of exercise and the worst of diets. The reason for this is your body type. There are three generalized body compositions that people are predetermined to have and these are ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. We will look at all three of these but the focus will be on, what is an ectomorph body type?.

Let’s begin by looking at the three different body types in more detail.

Ectomorphs “yes that’s us”

So lets start of by discussing the ectomorph body type as this is the main focus of my site. Ectomorphs are long and lean, they carry very little body fat and have small muscles. Most find it difficult to gain muscle and put on weight, known in the bodybuilding world as hard gainers.

Ectomorphs typically excel is sports like long distance running, triathlons and cycling. Some gymnasts also fall into muscular malethis group, they have good muscle mass and strength. A lot of people do envy ectomorphs as they are blessed with being able to eat however much they like and still remain lean. It is a different story for those who seek to build a broad muscular frame. Having a narrow chested frame and women who long for more lady like curves. If you fit this body composition you are at the right place as this site is dedicated to helping your achieve a more manly muscular frame or a more curvy womanly physique.

Not all ectomorphs are skinny! Celebrities with amazing bodies include Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Sylvester Stallone and even Bruce Lee. Wouldn’t your agree that these guys have incredible bodies. So you see being an ectomorph or hard gainer should not hold you back.

Endomorphs “The big and the round”

Endomorphs are the opposite of ectomorphs, in that they have lots of body fat and also muscle. Weight gain for them is easy therefore should restrain themselves from having unhealthy high saturated fat and sugary foods. Endomorphs are typically heavier and rounder people who tend to hold extra fat around the belly. All endomorphswoman in bikini are not necessarily overweight. These body types are not much suited to speed and agility and would benefit from more strength based activities like power lifting, weightlifting, wrestling, shot put and discus. Oprah Winfrey, Marilyn Monroe and Chris Platt are good examples of endomorphs

Mesomorphs “The lucky ones”

These body types have a large bone structure, large muscles and are more naturally athletic. They can gain strength and muscle most easily of the three structures, so this is the best platform to build muscle. Mesomorphs are muscular persondescribed as having the shape of an upside down triangle, broad shoulders and a narrow waist. These somatotypes usually have no trouble eating what they like and can lose weight easily, however the opposite is true also meaning they can gain weight with ease. Those who want to remain slim and slender may consider this a disadvantage.

A quick summary

So now we have an understanding as to what is an ectomorph body type? and also the advantages and disadvantages of this somatotype. We are lucky in that can eat almost anything and remain lean due to our fast metabolism. But our focus is to build muscle, and believe me once an ectomorph builds lean muscle it looks fantastic as we hold little body fat. A quick look at the celebrities shows us how aesthetically pleasing having muscles on this frame looks. It is also possible to be a combination of the three body types and you will be able to determine this based on your natural state. I hope I have provided you with the basics of the body types and showed you anything can be achieved as long as your have the right guidance.